Jeremy Alexander

Anthony Hughes

Chip Johnson

As Director of Technical Services at Sprayroq, Chip is responsible for the oversight of all engineering designs of SprayWall projects. Before becoming Director of Technical Services, Mr. Johnson had worked with the SCP development side and Education of the marketplace with Sprayroq. He also serves on numerous WEF, AASHTO and ASCE committees to promote the Sprayroq Brand.

Jessica Pierce

Patrick Sprague

Kyle Warren

Ellie Wilkinson

Ellie Wilkinson serves as Marketing Manager for Signet LLC where she is responsible for providing strategic and tactical marketing support through creative direction, project management and brand awareness of Signet’s portfolio companies and development projects. Ellie graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University.

Zack Zhao

As Director of Business Development of Sprayroq of China, Mr. Zhao is responsible for the oversight of day to day activities. Zack earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Chongqing Jinzhou University and a Ph.D in civil engineering from Louisiana Tech University. He is also a registered professional engineer in the state of Alabama.