About Us

We Are A Private Investment Firm With An Expansive Footprint

But we’re also so much more than that. Founded in 1995, Signet LLC was designed to be a forward-thinking positive impact player that used its creativity and dedication to achieve long-term success. We have found that the areas we can influence the most with our resources fall within the real estate, capital, health and wellness, and chemical manufacturing markets. With leadership and expertise in the areas of project structuring, capital formation, operational investment, and management, Signet has all of the tools and passion necessary to ensure a prosperous project that helps move the world in a better direction.

A Closer Look At Who We Are

Signet’s unique abilities and robust portfolio have continued to progress as each successful year passes. This allows us to perpetually expand our initiatives to include new platforms, market sectors, and geographic regions from all corners of the U.S., while also expanding business interests internationally.

What's At The Heart of Our Investment Philosophy

Will this investment have a positive impact on the people and communities involved? Does the project have that inspiring and unwavering entrepreneurial spirit behind it? If so, it has our backing in the form of lead capital. Signet is committed to every facet of each investment – research, innovation, thoughtful and deliberate risk analysis. We bring our creative vision, flexibility, experience-driven strategy, and long-term approach to each of our investments.

There is no question: If we buy it, build it, finance it and invest in it, it will meet our high standards.

Signet Encourages Creative Thought, Vision & Strategy

Growing the Workforce

Signet has grown, on average, 25% per year since we began. We hire locally. We hire diversely. We hire the best and boast a remarkably low attrition rate. When Signet acquires or launches a new company, we also grow and invest in our management teams and staff while strongly encouraging and incentivizing creativity at all levels.

Creating a stimulating work environment where each individual involved can take great pride in their individual efforts and the performance of the entire organization is critical to our mission.

Empowering Employees

We’ve found that the greatest employee “benefits” are professional empowerment and the ability to take a sense of ownership in Signet projects. We strive to nurture a genuine, widely-shared vested interest in our endeavors, and we look to identify the many possibilities for employees to reap the rewards of collaborative success.

Through a perpetually expanding, diverse, and inclusive workforce, we can reach a higher level of achievement and support individual goals as they align with our mission.

Cultivating Community

Our strong reputation for building initiatives that cultivate shared community purpose and identity is shown throughout our body of work. The development of complex, large-scale campuses of hospital systems and universities. Entities that are centric to daily civic life such as municipal buildings, conference centers, parking garages, and athletic stadiums. Preserving our natural resources and construction or rehabilitation of sustainable infrastructure. Each of these projects not only sees great returns, but they bolster the community on the ground. We are highly motivated to create new, innovative ways to continue to serve our society more efficiently and effectively.

With each initiative, we work with local partners and officials to develop a project vision that provides immediate solutions but is also engineered to serve the community over the long term and reinforce our mission.