Broad-Based Industry Expertise, Experience-Driven Impact

Throughout its tenure, Signet has compiled a team of top talent with a wealth of sophisticated experience. These individuals provide invaluable operational insight and inspiration to every project they touch. Individually, they are some of the greatest minds the industry has to offer. Together, they are greater than the sum of their parts, working in tandem to ensure successful, long-term projects. This is a broad-based team of executives with demonstrated acumen in the key areas of real estate development, financial management, project financing, asset management, marketing, legal and operating management in each of the executive’s respective market sectors.

Learn more about the individuals that make Signet the private investment powerhouse it is today!

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Anthony Manna
Founder and Chairman
Mark Corr
Principal, President & CEO
Ralph Sciulli
Chief Financial Officer
Jeremy Alexander
President, Sprayroq
Kevin Belt
SVP & Managing Director, Signet Real Estate Group
Holly Colson
Director, Human Resources
Sandra Camp
Accounting Manager, Signet Real Estate Group
Merana Dewitt
Office Manager, Blue Grass Chemical
Tammy Dorfeld
Director of Comm. Properties, Signet Real Estate Group
Michael Del Medico
Vice President of Equity Syndication & Investor Relations
Jim Ellis
EVP & Managing Director, Integrated Wellness Partners
David Fumi
Managing Director, Signet Capital
James Groves
Executive Director, Integrated Wellness Partners
James Hammon
Technical Director, Accufoam
MacLean Hess
Technical Sales Manager, Accufoam
Anthony Hughes
Sales Engineer, Sprayroq
Spencer Hyatt
SVP & Managing Director, Signet Real Estate Group
Chip Johnson
DOT Execution and Support, Sprayroq
James Light
General Manager, Creative Polymer Solutions
Mike Mandela
President of Property Mgmt., Signet Real Estate Group
Ed Matuszak
Dir. of Equity Investments
Paul McCauley
Executive Vice President, Blue Grass Chemical
Robert McClellan
Chief Financial Officer, Accufoam
Brian McMillen
Director, Signet Capital Advisors
Julie Mungo
Human Resources Generalist, Integrated Wellness Partners
Mike Paparella
President & Managing Dir., Signet Capital Advisors
John Paro
General Manager, Integrated Wellness Partners
Chrissy Perna
Accounting & Treasury Manager
Catherine Porter
Executive Director, Integrated Wellness Partners
Charlie Rose
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Accufoam
Jed Rutledge
Controller, Blue Grass Chemical
Jason Schoch
Real Estate Controller, Signet Real Estate Group
Brenden Shea
VP of Project Management, Signet Real Estate Group
Amanda Shiplett
Executive Administrator
Jack Shea
General Manager, Creative Polymer Solutions
Scott Smyers
Senior Associate, Signet Capital Advisors
Mike Stoops, M.S.
VP of Operations, Integrated Wellness Partners
Ryan Sullivan
Director, Signet Capital
Audrey Wallace
Marketing Manager
Kyle Warren
Director of Operations, Sprayroq
Ellie Wilkinson
Marketing Manager
Lisa Wren
Director of Residential Real Estate, Signet Real Estate Group
Zack Zhao
Director of Business Dev., Sprayroq