Signet Real Estate Group has been engaged by the new owners of the Emory Proton Therapy Center, Provident Resources Group, to provide turn-key project management services for the project. Construction and equipment installation resumed last month and the Center is scheduled to begin treating cancer patients in the fall of 2018. The 112,500 square foot facility, located a few blocks away from Emory University Hospital in Midtown Atlanta, is the first of its kind in Georgia to offer this state-of-the-art cancer treatment technology.

The center’s modern design, once constructed, will be one of the largest and most technically advanced proton therapy centers in the nation, offering five treatment rooms featuring the latest in pencil beam scanning technology.

“We are proud to have Signet help deliver this project for Provident and Emory Healthcare,” says Steve Hicks, Provident Resources Group Chairman and CEO. “Their expertise in managing large, highly-technical, highly-complex proton therapy development projects like this one is unmatched in the industry. Provident and its ProtonCare Resources Division looks forward to working with Signet on future proton therapy centers in the U.S.”

Proton therapy, the latest advancement in radiation oncology, uses protons to treat and eradicate cancerous tumors in the body and has proven to have less side effects than conventional forms of radiation treatment. Emory Healthcare, one of the world’s leading research universities, will handle all clinical operations for the center.

“Signet is honored to be able to help deliver meaningful projects like the Emory Proton Therapy Center,” says Signet’s Chairman, Anthony Manna. “These centers will help save lives by utilizing the most cutting-edge cancer treatment technology available, and this is very rewarding.”

Signet oversees all of the project delivery teams, including design and construction, and provides support to Varian Medical Systems as they install and commission the proton therapy equipment which features a 90-ton cyclotron, beam transport system and rotational gantries that weigh approximately 280 tons each.

This is the third proton project managed by Signet. Signet has provided developer services for two additional centers including Scripps Proton Therapy Center in San Diego and Maryland Proton Treatment Center in Baltimore.

Although Emory may be the most complex and ambitious proton therapy project yet – with all of highly technical building requirements to support the advanced proton therapy equipment system – Signet has developed the depth of expertise and breadth of relationships required to successfully deliver on all of their project responsibilities.

“Over the past several years of developing proton therapy projects, Signet has built up a team of experts that focus on these highly complex facilities,” says Kenneth Krismanth, CEO of Signet LLC. “Our Real Estate team has established strong relationships with experienced organizations that specialize in the architectural design, engineering and construction of proton therapy facilities, and this network allows us to deliver these projects under tight time constraints.”

Because of Signet Real Estate’s experience and track record in successfully delivering these incredibly complex facilities, the developer has grown to be the go-to provider of developer services for proton therapy centers in the United States.

“Based on the expertise provided through our alliances, Signet has been able to consistently deliver projects that are on schedule and on budget and minimize the project delivery risks typically associated with development proton therapy center development,” says Jason Perry, President of Signet Real Estate Group.

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