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Businessman and entrepreneur, Anthony (Tony) Manna, founded Signet Enterprises in 1995. Tony is the Chairman and CEO of Signet Enterprises, as well as its lead strategist. By focusing on a diversified portfolio of investments including real estate, manufacturing and service companies, Signet Enterprises has created a unique system for acquisition, financing and development that is both innovative and time sensitive. In 2013, Signet was recognized as the 4th largest private equity firm in Ohio by Columbus Business First.

Tony describes the organization, “Signet Enterprises synchronizes a team of professionals with diverse intellectual capital. With this knowledge, we take a team-oriented approach to every project or investment.”

A distinctive example of Signet’s capabilities is the Akron Stadium Corporation, which was responsible for bringing the “AA” affiliate of the Cleveland Indians to Akron, Ohio and developing a $34 million minor league baseball stadium. The most significant part of which was accomplished in 90 days from the time Tony originally introduced the concept through signed contracts with the Akron Stadium Corporation, the minor league baseball team and the city. Financing, development and construction were all done ahead of schedule. As a baseball fan, the stadium project was one of his favorite transactions, but more importantly, it was the springboard for the establishment of the Signet Enterprises brand. “It was very challenging because it required a combination of business, financing, law and politics; however, my love for baseball and the city of Akron increased my passion to make it happen. This single project took us to a new level and triggered the creation of Signet Enterprises.”

Tony is a graduate of The Ohio State University and the Emory University School of Law. He is also the Chairman and founder of the business law firm of Brennan, Manna and Diamond, LLC, which specializes in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, healthcare and real estate.

Tony also serves on several Boards, including Westfield Bank, FSB; Westfield Bancorp, Inc.; Westfield Credit Corp; SGS Manufacturing; and Brennan Holdings.

In 2011, Signet Enterprises and Mercy Economic Development International Corporation (MEDIC) announced a partnership (often referred to as Signet/MEDIC) which introduced a new microloan development program for microentrepreneurs, initially planned in So-Ava, a village of Benin on Africa’s west coast. Signet Enterprises and MEDIC will loan money to, and advise, microentrepreneurs in So-Ava in order to help these individuals and families to start their own businesses, and eventually serve as So-Ava’s link to higher level alternative financing. The venture continues Tony’s desire to build communities across the world through international development opportunities.

“Signet Enterprises is first and foremost a business family, which is its core value, and that fact is never forgotten.”