At Signet, LLC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to not only enhancing the financial well-being of our portfolio companies but also on making a positive impact in the communities where we operate. On September 11th, 2023, we embarked on our annual Day of Service, a day dedicated to giving back to the communities we call home. 

Several of our diverse portfolio companies participated in various community service projects across different regions, each with a unique focus but all united by the same goal: to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Discover how our team dedicated their time, skills, and resources to positively impact our respective communities. 

Signet at The Akron Community Foodbank 

Members of our corporate office volunteered at the Akron Community Foodbank. Together with our colleagues, we rolled up our sleeves to repackage 580 boxes of Triscuits, ensuring that these snacks were ready to be distributed to families in need. 

Creative Polymer Solutions Builds for Habitat for Humanity 

Creative Polymer Solutions took part in a significant project in Birmingham, Alabama. They partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help build a home for a family in need. This hands-on effort to provide shelter and stability truly embodies the spirit CPS’s organization. 

Blue Grass Chemical Specialties in New Albany, Indiana 

Blue Grass Chemical Specialties worked tirelessly to beautify the grounds of St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities in New Albany, Indiana. Their landscaping work not only enhances the aesthetics of the area but also fosters a welcoming atmosphere for those in need of assistance. 

Carle Health and Fitness Supporting the American Heart Association 

In Bloomington, Illinois, Carle Health and Fitness joined forces with the American Heart Association for an energetic Field Day at Carle BroMenn Hospital. Through dedicated efforts leading up to the Day of Service, they raised an impressive $800 in donations. These funds will continue the fight against heart disease within their community. 

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Health & Fitness Center Walk 

In New Albany, Ohio, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Health & Fitness Center participated in a walk to benefit the New Albany Food Pantry. Their dedication to helping those in need through this event exemplifies their commitment to community service. 

Continuing the Tradition 

Signet’s Day of Service is not just a one-time event for us. It’s a testament to our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility. We believe that businesses can and should be responsible stewards of the communities in which they operate. As an investment firm, we don’t just invest in financial assets, but we invest in the well-being of our employees and the communities we serve. 

Through this Day of Service, we are reminded that when we come together with purpose, compassion, and a shared vision, we can make a lasting and positive impact on the world around us. As we look ahead to the future, Signet, LLC, and our portfolio companies are committed to continuing this tradition of giving back to our communities. 

We thank our dedicated teams and the communities that opened their doors to us on this special day. Together, we’re investing in a better tomorrow.