Our Team

Mark Corr

Principal, President & CEO

Bolstering Impact & Reach: How Mark Enhances Our Entire Operation Daily

Mark oversees Signet’s commercial development efforts and portfolio of diversified companies, including various international initiatives. His vital involvement includes work with strategic planning, executive management, new project development, project finance, asset management, and budgeting.

Navigating Tough Waters & Always Leading Signet Down The Right Path

Joining the company in 2000 as a partner, Mark is involved in setting the strategic direction of the organization as well as supporting development and expansion strategies along with asset management. Mark has extensive expertise crafting complex business plans, devising growth strategies, and managing a variety of diversified investments and platforms within Signet. These projects range from public-private partnerships, commercial and industrial acquisitions, start-ups and early-stage initiatives, financial services, environmental service investments, healthcare, and higher education.