Our Team

Anthony Manna

Founder and Chairman

Anthony (Tony) Manna is Founder & Chairman of Signet, LLC.

Innovative & Relentless: Tony’s Unwavering Passion For Big Picture Success

Tony founded Signet in 1995 and now serves the organization as lead strategist. Tony has spent 25+ years creating collaborative partnerships for Signet that relentlessly advance initiatives and ventures in diversified manufacturing, distribution, health and wellness, technology, investment banking, and finance. Tony has also developed over $5 billion in real estate development and property management projects. As a direct result of his steadfast leadership and inspirational vision, Signet has developed an unconventional approach to global investment that uniquely engages customized resources to orchestrate long-term growth and positive impact across many business sectors.

The Driving Force Behind The Aeros Coming to Akron

A consummate champion for the growth and development of the City of Akron, and an admitted baseball nut, Tony is responsible for bringing the Akron Aeros (now the Rubber Ducks) and Canal Park Stadium to Akron. As a young lawyer, Tony read an article in the Beacon Journal about the possibility of a team coming to Akron and set out to make it happen.

“It was Manna who, as former Mayor Don Plusquellic acknowledged, ‘almost single-handedly delivered this team to the city.”’

The Indomitable Don Plusquellic, Steve Love (2016, Ringtaw Books)

Tony tracked down the Northeastern League team owner who was looking at three possible cities to bring a team. He made it his mission to ensure that the winner was Akron, Ohio. With only a short 30 days to respond to the owner’s requests, Tony was able to negotiate the deal and secure the right for his company, Akron Stadium Corp., to develop the stadium. The development and opening of Canal Park in 1997 spurred more than 20 years of continued economic growth in downtown Akron.

Tony is a graduate of The Ohio State University and the Emory University School of Law. He is also the Chairman and co-founder of the business law firm of Brennan, Manna and Diamond, LLC, which specializes in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, healthcare, and real estate.