Signet combines more than 20 years of global investment experience with creative financial structuring and development to enhance and transform emerging and mature companies alike. Backed by leadership with expertise ranging from capital formation to operations management to business strategy, we have the unique ability to incubate, nurture and support each company in which we invest and bring to market. With a broad and diverse portfolio of operating companies, Signet continually seeks new investment opportunities in diversified manufacturing, IT, service businesses, health and wellness, energy, environmental and emerging technologies.


A Vision for Innovation

As entrepreneurs, vision is fundamental to who we are and what we do. It’s a defining quality we share with our leadership, entrepreneurial clients and partners that range from early-stage startups to mature organizations. From the commercialization of an idea to the acquisition of fully-staffed, mid-sized companies valued from $5 to $100 million, Signet gives clear definition to partner vision by shaping it with assets, experience and creativity.

Long-Term Approach

Our Operations & Innovation investment philosophy is grounded in a long-term, strategic approach. With the expectation we will hold our investments perpetually, we are selective; we measure risk; we evaluate problems in order to define variables and solve them. We believe that real knowledge brings real capabilities, so we ensure that open communication and transparency is maintained through every step of our engagement with prospective companies.

Value-Added Engagement

We do more than provide private-equity financial investment to organizations and see beyond traditional mergers and acquisitions. First we evaluate how new opportunities strategically fit into our privately-held, diversified portfolio. Then we utilize these collective resources of existing products, services and human relationships to construct mutual growth and achievement for all involved.



Signet transforms vision into reality for new and mature companies.


We are change agents

The potential for advancement drives our operational pursuits. We have a proven record of success in both growth and turnaround situations. We are flexible, adaptable, and we never prescribe to a one-size-fits-all methodology.

We elevate through collaboration

Collaboration is central to our ability to incubate, nurture and support each opportunity in which we invest and bring to market. Our corporate leadership team consists of a number of professionals with a unique set of skills ranging from operations and project management to marketing and financial support. We customize operational plans to provide adequate resources and support for each of our operating managers that maximize the strengths of each leadership team. Our operating managers maintain a meaningful equity interest in our investments, and we help ensure that each respective company’s full potential is met through careful collaboration and support.

We drive value & efficiency

Signet is constantly seeking latent potential in all the opportunities we pursue. Once the value proposition is identified we empower leadership and provide the resources necessary to execute our strategy. Managers in our portfolio are afforded the freedom and incentives to run their businesses profitably while benefitting from our experience, relationships and breadth of shared resources across Signet’s global organization.


Industrial Focus Sectors


Focused creativity combined with research and inquiry are fundamental to the innovative solutions and growth strategies we provide. Our portfolio experience includes niche industrial manufacturers, value-added distribution firms and specialty-business service providers.

Our role does not end with an acquisition or a venture agreement. Signet provides lead capital for each enterprise. We take active and measured risk in every investment. Because of this, we are active with our leadership teams and support operational management. We equip our partners with resources that range from weekly calls and staffing to accounting services and marketing support. Our approach aligns incentives, ensures accountability and provides all parties the opportunity to share in the value that is created.

Partnerships Built to Last

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