A mark of Confidence, AUTHENTICITY and trust 

Signet’s core belief is responsible investment. Our investments and business pursuits not only make a positive impact on the bottom line, but also on the people and communities they serve. We are passionate entrepreneurs committed to family, research, innovation, thoughtful and deliberate risk analysis. We believe that hard work, creative problem solving, attention to detail and having the highest standards in the industry is not only good for our clients, investors and our employees, but it benefits and builds our communities.

Further, Signet provides lead capital for every project or initiative. As a result, we demonstrate our commitment and confidence in our investments by committing our capital first, then nurture and protect our partner investment as if it is our own. We take great pride in adhering to these principals and acknowledge that this approach is a key contributor to our continued success. If Signet is behind it, you can confidently trust it.


Signet creates collaborative partnerships that relentlessly advance initiatives for ventures in real estate, property management, diversified manufacturing, health and wellness, technology, investment banking and finance. Signet will either acquire or create such ventures.


Signet brings an unconventional approach to global investment that engages customized resources to orchestrate growth. Part think-tank, part developer, part collaborator, we identify opportunities and focus talent pools to operationalize new and existing companies.


We believe business can and must do better. We believe that hard work, creative problem solving, attention to detail and having the highest standards in the industry is not only good for us, but it benefits our clients and the communities we serve.

Since 1995, we have closely held to four core beliefs which serve as a guide for all our strategic investments.

Signet_triangle_bulletpointSignet invests in properties, technologies and companies we can stand behind.


We are proud of our work and we stand behind it. We cultivate concepts and initiatives that meet our investment and operational standards, constantly improving our services and supporting the people who lead each enterprise. If it’s a Signet investment, it has been improved, vetted, carefully structured and is closely monitored to continue to meet our high standards. An entity that bears the Signet name is worthy of the trust of our clients, investors and our employees. We recognize that our performance not only impacts our reputation, but the reputations of those we serve.


Signet_triangle_bulletpointWe are a business family, and that fact is never forgotten.


With each investment and initiative, Signet coordinates a talented and dedicated team of professionals with a diverse set of skills necessary to execute a highly engineered and customized strategy. We take a team-oriented approach to every project or investment we pursue. While working closely and collaboratively with each of our clients to understand their near and long-term goals for new projects and initiatives, we draw from a talented pool of professionals within Signet to efficiently and effectively accomplish our objectives.

Signet_triangle_bulletpointOur business model utilizes a long-term, patient approach to managing investments.


Our long-term investment philosophy has produced sustainable growth for our organization, our clients, and our partners as well as a reliable foundation from which to build upon.  Each investment, operational decision or strategic initiative must stand the test of time. We focus on strategies for creative long-term growth instead of short-term fixes that may not be in the best long-term interest of the enterprise or investment. With an eye to the future, we keep our focus on long-term growth, implementing strategies that will positively impact companies and communities for years to come.


Signet_triangle_bulletpointSignet encourages creative thought, vision and strategy.


We are investors that encourage our companies to think outside of the box. We look to encourage and inspire new ways of thinking about how to run their businesses. With widespread experience in business development and project and corporate financing, we have a unique perspective in structuring creative financing and development strategies. Each solution is distinct and created based upon the vision of our clients. We are boundless in ideas, approach and collaboration, and bring this approach into each boardroom or client meeting.