Founded in 1995, Signet brings an innovative, unconventional approach to global investment that embodies creativity and forward thinking to achieve long-term success. With leadership and expertise in the areas of project structuring, capital formation, operational investment and management, we tailor strategy and resources to meet each unique opportunity. Boundless in ideas and tactics, Signet has spent 20+ years crafting collaborative partnerships that advance initiatives in real estate, diversified manufacturing, health and wellness, emerging technologies, investment banking and finance.




Our organization’s dedicated professional staff includes a leadership team of experienced executives in the areas of real estate development, business management, financial management and accounting, marketing, project financing, asset management and legal.



Since 1995, Signet’s abilities and portfolio have continued to progress throughout the years — perpetually expanding our initiatives to include new platforms, market sectors and geographic regions from all corners of the U.S., while also expanding business interests to China.


  our investment philosophy

There is no question: If we buy it, build it, finance it, and invest in it, it will meet our high standards. We also believe that deals should not only make a positive impact on the bottom line, but also on the people and communities around them.  

Signet unites entrepreneurial vision with experience
in order to turn opportunities into realities.

Signet_triangle_bulletpointOperations & Innovation

What we do


Signet’s Operations and Innovation platform includes a diverse portfolio of autonomously-run operating companies ranging from emerging start-ups to mature acquisitions. At the corporate level, Signet manages, leverages and evolves each portfolio company through strategic management, financial structuring and development. Our long-term, patient approach allows for the proper incubation, nurturing and creative support required to bring each company to market and sustain growth. Along with lead capital and strategic planning – which provides the path to market – our Innovations team engages in early stage guidance & asset combination. For mature companies, our collective network of companies allows each operating manager the liberty and ability to fully leverage Signet resources and relationships to construct mutual growth and success for their company and the greater Signet enterprise.



Real Estate

What we do


Signet’s Real Estate platform provides creative, customized, single-source solutions, working through our full-service turnkey firm, Signet Development.  Signet has successfully delivered more than $4.5 billion in real-estate development, project management and project financing nationwide in target focus sectors including public/private partnerships, health and wellness, and higher education sectors. Our real estate team’s expertise and experience includes feasibility research, strategic planning, design, construction & project management and financing – including direct debt and equity capital for our projects. In addition to development services, we provide full service private asset and property management solutions for captive and independent healthcare, commercial offices, multi-family housing, hospitality and retail properties through Signet Management, our property management company.



Capital Solutions

What we do


Signet’s Capital Solutions platform provides capital funding and equity investment solutions in support of our Operations & Innovation initiatives and Real Estate development projects. In addition to providing lead capital, Signet’s financial experts procure direct debt and equity capital by utilizing both traditional and non-traditional capital sources, including our own closely-held investment bank and numerous well-founded relationships with other lenders. Each of our financial solutions is custom-tailored to create the most value and best meet the strategic needs of each individual project or initiative, based on the evaluation of critical factors such as access, timing, limited budget appropriations, revenue enhancement strategies, asset management, and the leveraging of private investment to preserve client debt capacity.



Signet is not your average private investment firm.
We believe business can do better.
So we do it differently.

Long-term investment approach

With an eye to the future, we focus on long-term growth, implementing strategies that will impact companies and communities for years to come. We bring a buy-and-hold approach to each investment, with the expectation we will hold it perpetually.

Team-oriented & collaborative

We take a team-oriented approach to every project or investment; we closely collaborate with each client to understand near and long-term goals; and we provide solutions by strategically leveraging our other resources and extensive internal and external relationship network.

Creative vision, strategy & flexibility

We are investors that encourage our companies to think outside of the box. Through innovative leadership, we look to encourage and inspire new ways of thinking about how to run and grow businesses, develop real estate, and financially structure each individual activity. Each solution is distinct and created based upon the vision of our clients.