Signet procures direct debt and equity capital to fund all of our Operations & Innovation activities and Real Estate development projects. Specifically, we provide custom-tailored solutions for interests and projects in the areas of real estate development, public-private partnerships, infrastructure, operating company investment, health and wellness initiatives and related cash flow generating assets. Flexible in approach, our experienced financial professionals possess decades of experience in customizing capital solutions that best meet the strategic needs of each individual initiative.

Creative Debt Structuring

We have proven experience in utilizing sophisticated forms of both traditional and non-traditional capital sources to creatively structure debt. On a case-by-case basis, we collaborate closely with clients to assess and implement the best possible combination of unique financing mechanisms that can all be effectively woven together in the delivery of a complete, unified project funding source.

Stable Of Resources

With resources such as our own closely-held investment bank and numerous well-founded relationships with other lenders, we facilitate capital in ways that create the most value and take all factors into consideration — such as access, timing, limited budget appropriations, revenue enhancement strategies, asset management, and leveraging private investment to preserve client debt capacity.

Broad-Based Expertise

Our Principals and Managing Directors’ extensive backgrounds in banking, law, operational and real estate project development provide the foundation of expertise and diverse sources of financing required to offer customized solutions in all of our deal structures.  In total, our experts have successfully structured, engineered and managed more than $7.5 Billion in financial project funding.

Without proper financial engineering, a great idea comes up short.

Creativity & Flexibility

Signet has successfully engineered project financing in the billions, and we’ve never structured the same deal twice. We also have the capabilities to provide customized financing solutions for a variety of other opportunities on a case-by-case basis, such as debt placement for outside development projects working through our portfolio company, Signet Capital.

Strong, long-standing relationships

Signet has established relationships across various industries to identify and build the best, most cost-effective deal team for each financing structure. Our longstanding relationships with both traditional and non­traditional capital sources include traditional senior debt, capital market & bond financing, international finance, and many others.

Active leadership investment

Signet invests meaningful amounts of money in every single project we undertake before we ever approach anyone else. Our clients find true confidence in that we are not simply promoters of ideas who broker transactions and that each of our Principals is personally invested.