Corporate social responsibility is integral to the Signet way of thinking and our approach to business. We invest in projects that are designed to improve our communities and make people’s lives better. The foundation of our investment philosophy is a long-term approach when we invest in a company. This concept requires vision, disciplined oversight and patience. Our unique approach is implemented with each new investment and provides a paramount management environment for building and growing successful companies or developments that improve their communities.

Growing the Workforce

Signet, formed with little more than ideas and energy, now employs an estimated 1000 employees throughout the organization and has grown an average of 25% a year since its inception. We hire locally across a multitude of markets and also boast a remarkably low attrition rate. When we acquire or launch new companies, we grow and invest in our management teams and staffs while strongly encouraging and incentivizing creativity at all levels. At Signet, we work hard to create stimulating work environments where management and staff take great pride in their individual efforts and the performance of the entire organization. We believe this is paramount to attracting and retaining the best talent.

Empowering Employees

We’ve found that the greatest employee “benefit” is empowering employees professionally and financially by providing opportunities to take real, measurable ownership in Signet projects through personal investment and profit sharing. We believe that through a perpetually expanding and strategically inclusive workforce at Signet we can reach a higher level of achievement and support for our enterprises. We strive to nurture a genuine, widely-shared vested interest in Signet endeavors, and we look to identify the many possibilities for employees to reap the rewards of collaborative success.

Cultivating Community

The Signet body of work proves our strong reputation for initiatives that cultivate shared community purpose and identity: such as the development of complex, large-scale campuses of hospital systems and universities; entities centric to daily civic life such as municipal buildings, conference centers, parking garages and athletic stadiums; or the preservation of our natural resources and construction or rehabilitation of sustainable infrastructure. Signet businesses produce forward-looking solutions for the benefit of many communities and we are highly motivated to create new, innovative ways to continue to serve our society more efficiently and effectively. With each initiative we work with local partners and officials to develop a project vision that provides immediate solutions but is engineered to serve the community over the long-term.

Signet believes that businesses have a responsibility toward our communities and our planet.

Health Promotion & Education

Through heavy investment and experience in health and wellness initiatives, Signet provides an array of solutions that progress the healthcare sector. Through our portfolio companies and real estate projects, Signet develops, staffs and manages a wide range of healthcare facilities including hospitals, cancer treatment centers, specialty centers and integrated community wellness centers; as well as streamlined data solutions for population management and medical research. We manage and finance an array of non-treatment related functions of a hospital from funding research and commercializing new technologies to designing, developing and managing a wide range of healthcare developments, so that others qualified can focus on saving lives or improving the quality of life in their communities.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to environmental sustainability. We invest in new methods, products and solutions through our Innovations and Operations activities; we utilize green practices in our manufacturing and real estate enterprises; while working toward the preservation of resources on a global scale, such as our various efforts in infrastructure enhancement and conservation or preservation of our natural resources.


Signet believes in and promotes “active citizenship” in every community in which we are a member. We are very thankful to have the freedom to pursue a wide range of investments and initiatives, limited only by our imagination. As a result, our organization is compelled to express our gratitude to the communities we serve by participating in various forms of philanthropic outreach, events and sponsorships. While much of our engagement is directed toward health and environmental initiatives, Signet is very proud and humbled to support such unique causes as Honor Flight Cleveland. This program was established to recognize and honor our aging veterans, particularly those that served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam by escorting them to Washington D.C. to have a special VIP viewing of our National war monuments. Additionally, Signet is proud to observe each of our holdings companies supporting local philanthropic causes and initiatives. At Signet, we believe in responding to the call to serve others.